“Our human spirit does not care if you have troubles or issues trying to fulfill someone else’s dreams… It does not care about how the economy is doing. That’s not who we are.

That’s not what we are wired to do or be. Your human spirit does not care what happened to your family, it does not care about your past, whether you’ve been abused, or your family may have been broken, or you may have been betrayed.

Your human spirit does not care any of that.

Your human spirit simply says: What’s our command? What do you want to create? It does not keep score. Your brain is keeping score because your brain is designed to keep you safe. Your soul, your intuition, your human spirit is designed to make you soar.

And when you get to the edge, your brain will always tell you to step back because you can fall… because maybe you failed the last time you did this… because you can get hurt. So you have to be willing to play between your brain and your soul… and on some days, you gotta just listen to your soul and say: I am going to leap.

And when you get to the edge, you are standing there and you are watching everyone else fly… watching someone else live, wondering what it would be like to jump without ever jumping. I am here to tell you,  jump. Because only three things can happen:

  • You will jump and fly,
  • You will jump and fall on something soft,
  • Or you going to fall hard and you’ll get back up since you already know what it takes to get back up.

Your greatest fear is not that you will fall. Your greatest fear is you live a full life and never fly… that you never leaped. You are not afraid of dying. You are afraid of dying before the world sees who you really are… before they really feel your breath… before they feel your contribution… before they really feel you.

Give your dream a chance!

~ excerpt from Lisa Nichols