Are you highly accomplished? Are you passionate about creating a real impact on the people around you and in the world? Does taking rapid action come easy for you? Are you the one person in the room always willing to speak openly?

Do you find you are always curious to learn and develop yourself? Are you more interested in creating leaders, rather than followers? Do you find that no matter the adversity you experience, you continue moving towards what you deem important to you? Do you have a great sense of humor? And do you find that with the right balance of action and reflection, you are seemingly unstoppable in creating what you want?

But – Despite all of your successes – Do you struggle with feeling like you are an imposter, asking yourself, “why me”? Are you afraid that everything might fall apart if you don’t stay in constant control? And do you get the sense you are afraid of stepping into your true potential, and that you are somehow holding yourself back?

Do you have a secret dark side to your gifts that most people never see? Maybe you operate at such a high speed that you can forget to slow down to see what is really important? Maybe you find that you operate in a world of extremes either going full tilt until exhaustion or being at a complete standstill. Maybe you are dismissing your past successes because you can’t see how they are relevant to the next stage of your life or business? Maybe you take your successes for granted – and you don’t see just how extraordinary you are?

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