Matt believes that for entrepreneurs and leaders to truly use business as a force for good in the world while creating profit, it starts with them.

A leader who is willing to challenge strongly held beliefs and perceptions about themselves, and those around them creates a foundation from which their business can truly make a difference.

Matt spent the better part of a decade supporting a top five global brand where he built and led a large national team.

After leaving his corporate job in 2018, he became certified as a professional coach from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), and turned his attention to work that goes beyond the impact of one company. 

His focus being on developing entrepreneurs and leaders to create the greatest results through their work, by starting with themselves.

What lights Matt up is seeing the power and impact that one insight realized can have on an entire business, and the people to which it stewards.

Some of Matt’s Professional Experience Includes:

  • Hiring and training over 100 team members inclusive of frontline staff, supervisors, managers, and trainers to execute a program spanning across the US.
  • Developing and leading a large national sales and service team that delivered higher customer satisfaction ratings than any other team for a top five global brand.
  • Managing and growing a portfolio from less than a quarter million in revenue to six million year over year.
  • Coaching clients comprising executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and coaches from nine different countries.
  • Leading as a volunteer based Project Manager to support bringing digital education to communities across Kansas City.
  • Developing and leading a field advisory board purposed with creating stronger connection and relationships between field and corporate teams.

Matt is skillful in helping his clients create new ways of thinking and turning conversations into actionable insights for their businesses.  

He becomes their thinking partner and coach who evokes their own internal wisdom, revealing any blind spots, and challenges their way of leading.

He helps them work on their life and business, not just live in it. For many, he becomes their most trusted advisor.

His ability to cut to the heart of any challenge faced is why his clients hire him.