“At some point in a manager’s career, there may be an opportunity to consider hiring an executive coach. For me, that time came when I met Matt.” – Sunny R., General Manager

I believe that for entrepreneurs and leaders like you to truly use business as a force for good in the world while creating profit, it starts with taking a look in the mirror.

I spent nearly a decade chasing achievement for the sake of achievement, respect, and wealth merely as a means to an end. Along the way, I experienced burnout, tattered relationships, and periods of feeling isolation that left me wondering why I would want to go on this way.

Operating behind the scenes, I’ve always had a quiet knowing that helping others, be it my team, strangers, or a community was what truly created my enthusiasm about life. However, I often found myself lost in a seemingly never ending cycle of the ‘next thing’.

The next exciting goal. The next milestone. Rarely stopping long enough to appreciate what I had already created, and who was in my life, I kept on pushing.

It was when my fiancé left me at the beginning of 2017 that I knew something had to change. I could no longer go on living a life where the accepted status quo was constant conflict between being and expressing myself as an individual, while negating our collective society, or the opposite.

In my mind, there had to be a way to create harmony between a want to be uniquely individual, while at the same time creating a life of contribution, within business, and each area of my life.

This inflection point required me to challenge strongly held beliefs and perceptions about who I believed myself to be, and the world with which I reside. Slowing down my mind and settling my emotions enough to see the false and harmful perceptions that I adopted over the years, have been both challenging and freeing.

At this point, I had spent the better part of a decade supporting a top five global brand where I built and led a large national team, with leadership spanning across the US. Even with a longstanding love for my career, I knew my time had expired.

I knew there was more to this world, and humanity unseen by my current perceptions, without a change. Being met with one of the most difficult decisions of my life, I left my corporate job in 2018. Becoming a certified as a professional coach from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), I turned my attention to work that goes beyond the impact of one company. 

This was one of the scariest moments of my life, and yet, I couldn’t imagine not taking the leap. I followed my intuition and departed prior to my newly formed business being sustainable. For me, something had to change and I was willing to risk everything to create it.

Shortly after my departure, I was met with a grinding halt from the eighty hour weeks, the team meetings, and was left alone with my thoughts and time. This quieter and more simple life became a telltale for the state of my mind, and my addictions to being busy, distracted and always on the go.

Being busy and productive in and of themselves are not inherently bad, I discovered. It was my reasons for staying busy that was the problem. Chasing success. Chasing respect. Chasing approval. I had kept grinding away, because the truth for me was that I did not feel worthy of my own compassion and care. I was required to have the trappings of success so others could tell me how great I am.

In those fresh moments after my departure, there was only me and everything I had ever convinced myself to be the ‘truth’. It was a mix of excitement and as if my world was crashing down on me at the same time.

Since this time, I’ve lived nomadically for two years, spending almost the entirety of 2019 traveling across Europe, Northern Africa, and Puerto Rico, before returning to the US. Traveling for me has been about discovering a broader truth of how our world works.

It’s been my focus since my departure to support developing entrepreneurs and leaders like you to create the greatest results through your work, by starting with you.

What lights me up is seeing the power and impact that one insight realized can have on an entire business, and the people to which it stewards.

Some of my Professional Experience Includes:

  • Hiring and training over 100 team members inclusive of frontline staff, supervisors, managers, and trainers to execute a program spanning across the US – This has enabled me to better understand human development and how our behaviors are driven intrinsically and extrinsically
  • Developing and leading a large national sales and service team that delivered higher customer satisfaction ratings than any other team for a top five global brand – This experience has taught me how to focus on being a steward of the people I’m afforded the opportunity to support in being their best.
  • Managing and growing a portfolio from less than a quarter million in revenue to six million year over year – This taught me the importance of bringing together the needs of shareholders and the team to create harmony between both, which resulted in better outcomes for all parties.
  • Coaching clients comprising executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and coaches from nine different countries – These experiences have taught me the universal nature of the human experience, and what enables us to connect to our greater potential that we are each innately born with.
  • Leading as a volunteer based Project Manager to support bringing digital education to communities across Kansas City – This experience taught me that, we as people don’t need someone to save us, nor do we need people with savior complexes swooping in to ‘save’ the day. Here was where I began to create a greater understanding of the systems and cultural norms that enforce and perpetuate dehumanization and marginalization.
  • Developing and leading a field advisory board purposed with creating stronger connection and relationships between field and corporate teams – This experience taught me the difference between leadership values as a noun versus a verb.

Bringing my experiences to date into my work with clients, I am skillful in helping you create new ways of thinking and turning our conversations into actionable insights for your business.  

I have a high level executive position in a high-tech company and Matt helped me with quite a few of the barriers I had in relation to failure in certain areas of the business, that I felt might not go well. He helped to boost my confidence measurably.” – Seth M., Vice President

I become your thinking partner and coach who evokes your internal wisdom, revealing any blind spots, and challenging your way of leading.

I help you work on your life and business, not just live in it. For many clients, I become their most trusted advisor.

My ability to cut to the heart of any challenge faced is why my clients hire me.

“Matt has a great ability to cut through to the heart of what it is you want to say and what you need to do next in your career or business” – Minnie M., Coach & Speaker

If you are looking for support to improve your leadership and business, then you and I should have a conversation. Get in touch.