Change can Be Simple

I’ve started initiating goals that I have deferred because of fear and exhaustion. I am still a work in progress but my creative energy and headspace feels like they’ve been redesigned. The way I was living was not sustainable or fulfilling. I am truly grateful for Matt’s coaching and pragmatic approach.

Be Safe & Create Clarity

When I initially joined Matt’s group I was facing several challenges. I felt overwhelmed and lacked clarity in the direction I wanted to take my business. Matt’s exceptional coaching and leadership provided me a safe place to explore what I really wanted.

Live Beyond the Norm

Since our sessions I can successfully say I’ve been using my voice more and changing how I navigate challenges. I have increased my pay and taken control of my schedule which allows me to have more time for self-care.

Find Your Voice

Matt, you created a safe space for four strong women to explore and find their authentic voice!

Re-Create Your World

When I first started working with Matt, my whole world was upside down. I didn’t believe in myself. Self love was non-existent. I was stuck in a black hole of depression. I had old issues that were surfacing and didn’t even realize it.  Then COVID hit and I just didn’t have the want to do… Read more “Re-Create Your World”

Connect to The Truth

We uncovered my belief that I could not be financially independent because of the voice of my ex-husband playing over in my mind. As we went deeper, Matt’s gift helped me to see something fresh. I had a game-changing insight that was at the root of why I haven’t had financial independence.

Find New Ways of Thinking

Matt helped me with quite a few of the barriers I had in relation to failure in certain areas of the business. He helped to boost my confidence measurably, and find new ways to think about how I was approaching tasks, my people, and the leadership in my organization.

Connect with Your Best

The way Matt coaches is unlike anything else I’ve experienced. If you’re a man, expect to gain a new role model and a guide toward a higher level of conscious masculinity. And to everyone, expect to gain a bright new vision of the future and someone who will challenge you to be your best.

Be as You Are

In our work together, Matt held space for me to talk openly about what’s been happening in my life and relationships, asked powerful, insightful questions that got to the heart of the matter, and offered tools to help me work through them.

Stop Going Through the Motions

Get Clear on The Next Steps in Your Life in as little as 15 Minutes a Day