“I have a high level executive position in a high-tech company and Matt helped me with quite a few of the barriers I had in relation to failure in certain areas of the business, that I felt might not go well. He helped to boost my confidence measurably. Throughout our sessions he helped me find new ways to think about how I was approaching tasks, my people, and the leadership in my organization.

I found Matt to be very easy to talk to, very insightful and I feel that he would be a terrific bonus to any senior executive or mid-level manager in an organization that wanted some guidance and some assistance in pushing their career to the next level. I highly highly recommend Matt Hogan

Seth McKee, Vice President, Global and National Accounts, Securitas Security Services USA

“Matt, you created a safe space for four strong women to explore and find their authentic voice!”

Stefania R. – Business & Women’s Leadership Coach, Public Speaker

“My passion is helping high-performers tap into more of their unrealized potential. I was so entrenched with coaching that I didn’t pay attention to my business. Before I met Matt, I never realized I could have a prosperous business.

My challenge, I wasn’t working on creating a long-term sustainable business.  I was so focused in the moment.  I didn’t have a plan to move my business forward. I didn’t have a strategic plan. 

This is where Matt was extremely helpful.  He clearly has a vision for helping businesses grow. His knowledge is exceptional. He helped to create, design and implement a quantifiable comprehensive business strategy with key measurable. The strategy also includes monthly reviews and quarterly goals that will propel my business forward.

My business is already realizing the benefits of this incredible business plan that is leading to prosperity. I feel extremely fortunate to be coaching with Matt.  It is a true partnership. He has found the hidden gem in me that I never knew existed.  He brings tremendous value to the table including his remarkable leadership in helping businesses grow.”

Lynn MacDonald – Coach, Mission Possible You

“Matt has been an amazing coach. As I was in a transition in my practice, Matt’s coaching and guidance is spectacular. He is excellent in resolving any discrepancies an individual has with partnerships, changing directions and creating new possibilities within my business.”

Pamela DeNeuve – Peak Performance Strategist for Lawyers

“Working with Matt has been such a gift. I was at a stagnant point not too long after launching my coaching business because many of the ideas/actions I was taking were not providing me the results I had anticipated. While working with him I felt inspired, motivated, supported, listened to, seen, and stretched into areas where I wanted to go but needed that extra push/encouragement.

Matt went above and beyond in our communications and meeting..he has an amazing way of calling you out to help you see things (that you can’t while you’re in a situation) from a completely different perspective.. not to mention excellent ideas, suggestions, additions in all areas of my business to keep me moving forward and help make my offerings amazing. Matt exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend him to any coach.”

Kristen K. Coach & Former Marketing Director

I am an Austin based Floral/Event designer. This has been my career for over a decade. I recently realized that I had reached a career lull though. A little background about myself, I come from very humble beginnings. Hard work, long days and asking for anything such as help was discouraged.

So definitely asking for more and using my voice was a huge fear for me. This was hardwired into me and with every job I had, I worked tirelessly, quietly and self-effacing for my bosses while making them more successful. All those years of working like this created this quiet storm within me, it made me sick, it was affecting my personal life… I was basically treading water but of my own doing.

I met Matt through another professional and coincidentally I was at a point where I needed to make major life changes. I just wanted to preface with I never would have thought that I’d be someone that would benefit from this. But I have to say, after having a couple sessions with him, it has been life changing.

He is enthusiastic, genuine and easy to speak with, but most importantly he called me out on my “shit” straight away (in a non-judgmental way). His honesty, sincerity and determination to help me realize my potential was inspirational.

There were deeper, core issues that were brought to the surface with his help. His mentoring and coaching has helped me realized that I was holding myself back from my career potential. Turns out sometimes you do need a little help and support from a professional to figure out the best version of yourself.

Since our sessions I can successfully say I’ve been using my voice more and changing how I navigate challenges. I have increased my pay and taken control of my schedule which allows me to have more time for self-care.

I’ve started initiating goals that I have deferred because of fear and exhaustion. I am still a work in progress but my creative energy and headspace feels like they’ve been redesigned. The way I was living was not sustainable or fulfilling. I am truly grateful for Matt’s coaching and pragmatic approach. I have made radical changes with his help.

Matt is a true professional and this has been the best investment I have made for MYSELF. I’m so excited for what’s to come! THANK YOU MATT!”

Rachel B. Floral & Event Designer

“For the past 6 months I have been a member of a coaching group led by Matt. When I initially joined the group I was facing several challenges. I felt overwhelmed and lacked clarity in the direction I wanted to take my business. Matt’s exceptional coaching and leadership provided me a safe place to explore what I really wanted.

I was able to gain clarity and identified new goals. I found other group participants showed up at a high level for each session and were supportive and generous. This was an outstanding group coaching experience and I am looking forward to the opportunity participate in Matt’s future groups.”

Stefania Rigo – Business & Women’s Leadership Coach, Public Speaker

“Matt has a great ability to cut through to the heart of what it is you want to say and what you need to do next in your career or business. He is friendly, yet direct and holds you accountable to what you need to do next.

I personally found his advice and support helpful in keeping my mind on track for my own business. Highly recommend his work. Thanks Matt”

Minnie M. – TEDx Coach & Speaker for Mission Driven Companies

“I am writing this review because it’s incredibly important for me to give recognition to Matt as a coach. Not long ago I’d been struggling with some personal issues and I had decided out of the blue to message Matt who I’d known for years asking if he’d read a self help book that I was currently reading. Then I just sort of unloaded my stressors unexpectedly.

Matt suggested journaling to release my stress and we had talked off and on and he suggested a really good self help book. That day I went and bought a notebook. I wrote a few poems something I had not done in years. Which felt really good to see that side of myself again.

He noticed my stress building through conversation and offered to do an exercise with me that may give me some clarity. I agreed. I had so much anxiety about my situation.

Matt kept me very focused and didn’t allow me to trail off down the rabbit hole and asked me the tough questions. He didn’t give me the answers. He forced me to think and think deeply about what it was that I may actually be needing or wanting in life. That exercise lead me to tears and I was a bit of a mess. Yet, I had felt calm and had gained some clarity.

I was embarrassed by my crying and apologized probably at least 10 times. Matt reminded me that I was human and it’s ok to cry. I was also not the first person to break down and it’s quite normal. Matt had the most patience and offered many kind words which made me feel at ease.

I gained so much knowledge about myself and realized connections to patterns of self destruction I had never put together before our conversation. I can’t express enough how thankful I am that out of the blue I decided to message a good friend.

If you’re really wanting to do some soul searching and need guidance in anything Matt would most definitely be a good person to talk with about whatever it is that has you troubled.

I’d been following him on Facebook for quite sometime and accepted his recent fear challenge which has lead me to actually trying to do something I’ve always wanted to do, play an instrument. Currently teaching myself the keyboard. Which has been fun and exciting.”

Jenifer M. – Registered Nurse (RN)

“At some point in a manager’s career, there may be an opportunity to consider hiring an executive coach. For me, that time came when I met Matt. From the moment we met, I was impressed with his enthusiasm and drive.

During our coaching sessions, Matt helped me “reframe” stressful situations, “unpack” challenges and navigate through change with success. I highly recommend his services.”

Sunny R. – General Manager

I highly recommend Matt Hogan as a coach because he is super knowledgeable and driven to see his clients succeed. Since I’ve worked with Matt, I have been able to accomplish so many things in a short amount of time.

I go to school full-time in an Ed Tech masters program and I work full-time in fast paced startup company, while working on starting my own business. Matt is phenomenal at helping me set high goals, short-term and long-term. I feel that without a coach or mentor, it would take me longer to achieve my goals and my mind and attention would be all over the place.

Matt helps me stay focused on important goals and holds me accountable to achieve results. I am a straight A student in my program and the top performing Market Manager in my company.

I attribute my successes to his coaching sessions.

Lisa S.Business Owner, Project Manager & Student

“If anyone’s on the fence about speaking with Matt, stop and take the leap. Matt is an amazing guy, with the utmost integrity and will guide you in the right direction. Note: I didn’t say, guide you to working with him. This is a true pro here folks, and one that cares only about the person on the other end, and doing what’s best for them.”

Jeff K. – Founder, Imagine Wealth Group