Growth Is Personal: Radical Responsibility – The Greatest Catalyst for Change

In this episode, we delve into the transformative power of
owning your decisions and present circumstances. Discover how embracing Radical Responsibility can become the catalyst for positive change in your life.  We dive deep into the concept of Radical Responsibility and
discuss its impact on personal growth, career development, and overall well-being. You’ll learn how to overcome a victim mentality, cultivate a growth mindset, and make proactive choices that lead to success and fulfillment.

In this conversation, Matthew and Emeka discuss topics, such as:
– His past relationship falling apart and moving forward
– Discovering purpose and sense of meaning
– Overcoming victim mentality and embracing personal accountability
– Defining radical responsibility
– Cultivating the mindset of radical responsibility
– A practical framework to make empowered decisions 
July 2023

Join Up The Dots: Defining “Fulfillment” in Business

Matt Hogan is a coach and mentor who helps leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives find purpose and clarity in their work and lives. 
His inspiring journey of self-mastery, overcoming depression and attempted suicide, has shaped his teachings. Join the Join Up Dots podcast as Matt shares insights on embracing your dark traits and creating a better future.
Tune in to discover Matt Hogan’s transformative wisdom and start your own journey of personal growth and alignment

July 2023

Tapping The Inner Resources: Changing Life With Embodiment

This week on “On This Walk” my walking partners Debra Hess and Matt Hogan will challenge your thinking as we examine the influence embodiment has on our feelings and sense of self-alignment connecting with our bodies and finding inner peace.
We go into the concept that embodiment is the key to experiencing genuine vitality, and how letting go of inhibitions and embracing every sensation may free our full potential. Debra and Matt share rituals and advice that might help us feel comfortable expressing our feelings and tapping into our intuition.
Listen as we help you overcome your inhibitions and see your feelings as a force for a positive change in your life.
June 2023

The Bullet Saved My Life Ft Matt Hogan

Topics discussed in today’s episode include:
    How to pull ourselves out of hopelessness
    How to stop blaming others for our life circumstances
    Questioning how we experience love 
    Listening to our guidance system
    The power of personal transformation
    What it means to be fulfilled
    Channeling our dark side


May 2023


What if you tried to shoot yourself, not once but three times? When the gun finally went off, the bullet shot through Matt’s head with a loud pop. And a voice inside stated loud and clear “you will not die today!”

Matt Hogan joins us to share his extraordinary story of despair that led to him putting a gun to his head…and yet he survived. Clearly Matt had a greater mission in life.

From shedding self-hatred to radically taking self responsibility for his life, Matt is an alternative life coach who lives his values wholeheartedly.
April 2023

The Mindset to Living an Authentic Life

Mindset is 40% of what makes the life we desire most, possible. Tune in as we navigate the various experiences and situations that may help you cultivate a mindset that serves your money, relationships, feeling of freedom, and well-being.

April 2023

How to get out of your head and into balance

Marni welcomes Matt Hogan, entrepreneur, coach, and wanderer (only a few among many of his other titles), to the Life Check Yourself Studio, and they explore what it means to let go of the guilt and the shame that’s been holding you back from achieving balance in your energy and your life. The duo ponders the steps it takes to unlock the next phases in life. In a world that is constantly obsessing over productivity, and checklists, it seems human beings have forgotten how to reconnect with their authentic selves.
Takeaways from this episode:
– Let your energy flow
– How to release your guilt
– Stop dragging your energy down
– How to restore balance in yourself
– Forgiveness is empowerment
March 2023

Darkness into light

We talk about the difficult teenage years and how he embraced the dark side to emerge into a new freedom. Interestingly, Matt asked me almost as many questions as I asked him and steered me into some  areas I had not explored.


February 2023

The Relaxation Lounge: Becoming the Self Master of Your Own Life

In this episode:
1) Matt shares his traumatic story of how he went from an extreme overwhelmed state to where he became a master of his own life.
2) He talks about balancing the mind, body and spirit.
3) He discusses the importance of looking at where you spend your energy and adding more energizing activities to your day/life.
4) He shares a few steps to help you gain clarity and  describes his free guide – Learn to Listen: A Guide to Creating Clarity and Alignment – download it from here:
January 2023

How To Be a Leader In Your Own Life w/ Matt Hogan

 In this episode:
1) Matt speaks about the internal journey to finding deeper satisfaction
2) He talks about the conversations we can have with ourselves
3) And he speaks about the choices we can begin making to enhance our lives



January 2023

Finding Direction: Moving From A Conditioned Mind To A Full Potential Mind

In this episode, we talk about:
How putting a bullet in Matt’s head at the age of 18 ended up saving his life. Owning the desire that you may have sitting inside of yourself that you deserve more. How you can move from a conditioned mind to a full potential mind.

October 2022


52 Weeks of Empowerment Head over Heart: Following Your Professional True North

A very empowering episode about how people can hit rock bottom and use that experience to rebound toward the best opportunities professionally. Join Matt Hogan, professional who is living proof of the possibilities that can happen. 
After attempting suicide at 18, he recovered to build a life of purpose, working towards a vertical growth career, eventually leaving corporate America to start his own successful coaching business and inspire others.  Tune in to hear his tips on turning it around, and realizing your true career potential.

September 2022

On this Walk: Listening Within and Finding that Inner Voice

What does your inner voice really sound like? How do we learn to trust it? What happens when we don’t…and more importantly, what happens when we do? 
Today we explore…
What are the specific challenges that men encounter on the road to listening and trusting their inner guide? How can we as men learn to distinguish our “true” inner voice from all the others? How can we reconnect with this innate guide, and what kind of transformations await us on the other side? 

September 2022

The Golden Mic Podcast: Dying to Live (Part 1)

“I spent the vast majority of my life trying to fill a god-sized hole through hedonistic pursuits.” – Matt Hogan

Covered in blood and nauseated, Matt found a way to get help. It was a miracle that he was even alive. He had been shot from close range in the head, Matt heard someone say,

“You’re not going to die tonight.”

And the voice was right. Matt did not die. In fact, he’s currently flourishing in many domains of life.

But here’s the rub. It’s a big one.

Matt was actually person who pulled the trigger. He wanted to take his life.

In attempting to end his life, he realized that life was worth living. And he’s helping people like you and me to think about what it means to stop chasing success; to think about living the life to the fullest; to find a ways to fill that god-sized hole that so many of us are searching to fill

This is just the beginning of an incredibly deep dive in looking inward, in enjoying the moment with appreciation and levity, and in the buttons of our fifth-grade teachers.

This one is going deep!

August 2022


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