A Letter to Fear

As I sit here and taste paella, a wonderful Spanish dish, for the first time, I ask myself…

“What’s on my heart and mind today?”

My response…

I want to write for the world.

I want to serve the world.

I want my writing to touch the lives of my readers.

I truly want to become an expert on the topic of fear and it’s global implications, with my mission to change the world’s relationship with it.

Because the truth is…

We all deserve life.

We deserve to put our feet in front of us and step forward.

We deserve to embrace our present and create our future.

And yes, reality itself is neutral.

And yes, life only has the meaning we give it.

And for me, that’s the most wonderful thing about life.

We get to choose the meaning of our lives.

We get to choose what is important to us.

We get to choose how we express ourselves.

We get to choose whether we pursue what we want.

And, we get to choose how fear supports or limits us.

This is why I will continue to write to the world

This is why I will continue to challenge myself to grow every day

This is why I will continue to share.

Because for my life, what brings me the most meaning is to continue the journey of being the best version of myself possible, and sharing my experience and learnings along the way.

If I believe that my stories and actions will in some way benefit humanity, then regardless of my own egotistical fears of rejection, criticism, or indifference, I will share in the presence of it.

To me, and for me, this is living in alignment with my values, and I can sleep better at night, and on my deathbed, knowing that I devoted my life to finding ways to leave the world better than I found it.

In my letter to fear, I write…

My choice

My decision

My stance

…is to change my relationship with fear every day, and continue to take actions that respect it for what it is, but use it as a guide, rather than a hindrance.

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