It’s Time. Heal the Boy and the Man will Emerge.

There is a burning in my soul to unleash a power within me that has been there since the day of my birth. It is the energy that creates resilience, courage, a willingness to be different.

This energy was behind my willingness to leave my corporate job, and the willingness to travel the world.

It is this same energy that shines through when I’m in the zone during my workouts. It’s this powerful energy that shows up when I’m fully present during sex.

There is a power within me that calls from the wild to be released on a more consistent basis. This energy is the masculine within me calling to go out in the world and create.

Be that in my business, my health, or love life, there is a deep power that calls out from within me that roars like the sound of thunder at midnight.

You can not see the power directly, like one can not see the thunder, but you feel and hear its presence.

My experience has been interesting to say the least over the past few years. Energies of masculine and feminine seemingly out of whack.

I have spent the past four years developing my receptivity, my kindness and compassion towards others, while at the same time shaming and disowning the powerful masculine energy that exists within me.

That energy that exists within everyone. Yet, for the sake of this conversation I speak specifically to men.

I spent the past few years disowning my own masculine energy because of an unconscious perception that there was somehow something inherently wrong with it.

Which in truth, what I have come to realize is that I was associating masculine energy with toxic behaviors of men that are not real men, but rather, hurt boys in an adult body.

I’ve been this hurt boy in a man’s body for years. I, for the past four years have been associating this male energy, with men that exhibit behaviors that do not align with the person I am or want to be.

Associating this with some men in politics, business, and other areas of society, I unknowingly associated their behavior as the definition of being a powerful man.

The truth is, these men are not powerful in energy, they are hurt boys in adult bodies and their insecurities come through in how they see the world, themselves, and treat others.

I’ve done this. I’ve been this. No more is this my path.

What has helped me discover what it means to connect with that fire burning inside of me is to see that the fire in and of itself is clean power.

The energy itself is not bad, nor is it destructive, when balanced with a feeling of being whole as a human being.

Along with cultivated feminine energy that strengthens my ability to be receptive, be compassionate, and to care about other human beings in addition to myself.

Today is a day where each man has an opportunity to be with and accept the deep strength that exists within them and to no longer shame its existence, or allow the reason we extinguish it be because it’s what is politically correct.

There is a power in being a man just as there is power in being a woman.

The importance is to associate being a powerful man with male role models that you experience as carrying themselves through life as powerful, kind, and compassionate as a; friend, spouse, politician, boss, son, sibling, and citizen.

With these men you notice a certain strength that says they stand firmly in who they are, without comprise in being themselves, while also creating a sense of support, care, and community with all they are in relation with.

It is these men that have begun to teach me what it means to be a powerful man.

A powerful man is strong AND kind. These men exist in many places if we are willing to look.

There are three men in my life that have helped me see how what I was disowning and shaming in myself for the past few years was misperception of what it means to be a man.

For so long, believing that to “be a man” it meant to dominate people, work until my fingers bled, show no emotion, and make progress at any cost.

There is toxicity in these beliefs, and half truths. Yes, the masculine energy is inherently powerful, but to dominate infers a suppression of others, and that is not what it means to be a man.

To work until your fingers bleed is another terrible description and self expectation.

Yes, masculine energy is inherently action oriented, but to believe that is all there is leads to isolation, stress, overwhelm, and an assortment of health problems.

There is no reason to shame ourselves. This does nothing to support coherence. There is no reason to suppress our true nature either. And yet, we do.

We suppress that deep, never dying energy with us, leaving us apathetic, deflated, detached, bored. Over time this leads to stress, illness, and identity crisis.

Do you feel that power inside of you?

Do you feel that strength that has always been there?

Let it out right now. I want to hear you roar. Make the sound of that power within you.

Now let out another!

You may be thinking, “but the neighbors will hear me.”


And then what?

“Well, they may think I’m crazy.”


And then what?

“Well, I may be embarrassed when I see them.”


And then what?

What’s crazier, letting out a sound of the fire that burns in your soul, allowing your true nature of strength to show, or hiding it your entire life because someone else might not like you or think less of you?

The mirror here is that I have suppressed my own power on and off throughout the years, and what I have experienced is when I ignore that energy within me, my tendency is to blow up.

By blow up I mean that I sever ties with relationships, I say hurtful things, I eat foods that do nothing but hurt me further, I’ve gotten into fights, and much more.

I see symptoms everywhere of me not allowing the energy that I am born with to be who and what I am grounded in every day.

Will you let yourself own and experience the clean, powerful, and strong energy that exists within you?

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