Creating the Next Level of You

I came to the realization that my entire life has been an ongoing process of creating the ‘impossible’. When the insight hit me, I immediately wrote about it in my article last week.

The essence of all the impossibles I created were about connecting to and creating the next level of me. They were about learning or unlearning ways of thinking and feeling, that hindered me.

In each experience, I unlearned lies that I had convinced myself to be true. I became clearer on how my attachments were more about creating an image I could project onto the world. And, as a means to distract myself, from myself.

As I am navigating this week, I find myself in contemplation about the balance of being versus doing. Further, it’s contemplating more about why I do what I do. This is not as simple as, ‘find your why’.

It’s great to know the why of our relationships, our business, and the like. Yet, when we strip it all away, what’s left?

What’s left when I am no longer devoting my days to serving my clients?

What’s left when I am no longer seeking or creating the next thing?

What’s left when I put down the books, the programs, and everything I surround myself with to learn?

Who am I without this?

What is life without this?

As I eye the future now, I am sitting in this conversation with myself. It feels more challenging than most ‘impossibles’ I’ve encountered. And yet, I sense I have been here before.

It’s an uncomfortable experience seeing how I fool myself on what life is about, who I am, and what I am doing here.

It’s uncomfortable to strip away all that I do and am after, and to consider having none of it. Pausing it all. Blank slate. Ceasing to exist as a possibility.

The clients I work with are change makers at heart. They, at the core of who they are, have a calling to grow themselves, and their impact in the world around them. It’s not a question. It’s a given.

It makes sense that these are my clients, because this is me in a nutshell. At least, the version of me that I know to date.

The uncomfortable place I sit right now is seeing that yes, there is a next level of service and impact I want to create.

For my business. My clients. The world.

And also, it’s seeing how any attachments to that may hinder that from coming to fruition. Or worse, how my attachments might cause more harm than good.

Further, it’s uncomfortable to consider, ‘who am I without this?’ When I let go of the focus on bettering myself and impacting the world around me, who am I?

What would happen if I were to give it all up, and live out the rest of my days, working at the gas station down the street?

Is there any part of me that would be willing to accept that complete and utter change from the path I am currently on?

Right now, the honest answer is no.

Even the idea of letting go of what I say is so important, causes a battle within my mind. Which tells me, I’m too attached to what I want. I’m too involved with myself and the way I expect things to be, for them to be any other way.

It’s in this fight and dissonance, that my next level and impossible exists. It’s in being able to put down the need to be, do, or have anything, that my freedom exists. Even putting down the need to be alive, offers freedom, as I have found.

Loosening the grip on what must happen, is where the magic exists. Magic being where something becomes an easeful choice of focus, without any of the angst.

Without the attachment, angst falls away.

Without the angst, clarity emerges.

With more clarity, greater ideas emerge.

And it’s often said, we are one idea away from changing everything.

From now, until our next conversation, I will be focusing on attachments. What are the attachments to my image, work, and life that keep me in angst. Knowing that on the other side of angst, clarity exists.

I’m confident this process will bring clarity of my way forward, in all areas of life. My next level of me.

The reason this process is paramount to me, is the impact it can have if I don’t. If I am wrapped up in attachments, it impacts my own well being, and that of those I influence around me. It’s my responsibility to be clear on how my words and actions impact the world around me.

If I hold that my ideas are accurate with a closed fist and mind, I may be perpetuating harm in the world, by accident. It’s when I am too attached or involved with something, that I miss important details.

As I look around the world we live in, I see a lot of attachment to ideas, without much openness to new possibilities.

My way from here, be comfortable in the discomfort, and become more aware of how I hinder myself and those around me.

As we wrap up this conversation, I’m reminded of what Michael Singer said. “If you want to find out why you do something, stop doing it. Then, see what happens.”

As you are creating the next level of you, what must you unlearn to arrive there?

I’m curious to know. Send me a message.

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