You don’t need confidence

Matt Hogan in nature

I used to believe that I needed more confidence.

If only I had more confidence I would have/do/be _______

Sound familiar?

I would spend all my time fighting for why I couldn’t be true to and honest with myself.

I would fight for why nothing could change.

I would fight for ‘how things are’ (even though I sensed there was a better way).

All because I had convinced myself that confidence was a pre-requisite for real change.

Without this confidence, I believed, I was not able to experience more inner balance and joy, while being in deliberate creation of my life.

The funny thing was when I realized confidence isn’t a pre-requisite for me to step into being more of who I am and want to be.

It’s not confidence I needed.

I needed courage.

That deep down feeling that says, ‘well, I don’t know exactly what is going to happen, and I’m going to step into this anyway’.

I realized that all the books, skills, mentors, and information means absolutely nothing…. if I don’t have the courage to live it.

Over time, I have become less concerned about confidence, and more trusting of my courage.

In my courage I have found that, no matter what emerges as a result of a big change, leap, or the like, I’m well equipped to operate smoothly through it.

In knowing that, I stay grounded.

Where are you currently waiting for confidence in lieu of stepping into the courage you innately have?

PS: Some believe that we have to make an enormous shift to always living from courage, and that can keep us at a standstill. It’s in the first, then second, then third act where we do what feels hard, that a reinforcing cycle can emerge.

Start where you are, and step into 5% more courage today.

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