Is it Time to Create More Balance?

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**And I’m not speaking of adding more spinning plates by optimizing your calendar**

We are both the director and the actor of this play called ‘our life’. Even if we do not know it. 

When we contemplate, consider, and envision a life different from what is, we move out of the acting role.

We move beyond check-lists, to-dos and errands.
We move beyond meetings and check-ups.
We move beyond client calls and selling.
We move beyond PTA meetings and portfolios.

This is where we move into the creative process of designing the story that is our life. It’s in this creative process that endless possibilities exist. It’s here where we can dream a new dream. Here, we suspend our disbelief about what is reasonable, realistic, and rational, and we allow ourselves to dream about something to life that does not currently exist.

A business idea that will transform a community
A body that is healthy and full of energy
A marriage that is loving and lasting
A currency that will change economies

Without this letting go of what the real world tells us is possible, it is difficult to dream new dreams. To bring to life an evolutionary business idea, one must be able to let go of the idea that impossible exists. We each have the capacity to move into this director role. The challenge that keeps us from it lies in the imbalance we experience within ourselves.

We create feelings of imbalance when we:  

1) Put more trust into what others say over ourselves

2) Live within emotional cycles that create tension and illness

3) Live within thinking patterns that create limitations

4) Avoid necessary actions that create balance as a by-product

The feeling of imbalance is often the same. 

A feeling of being disconnected from yourself, and as an extension, those around you. It creates a feeling of being unfulfilled and as if you are not aligned with the life you sense you should be living. The good news, again, we are the directors and actors. We hold the key for change. 

We change through creating internal balance and the power of story.

Stories have the power to unite or divide. And stories have the power to transform our entire lives. Our brains change through story. Creating a new story to live into is easier when we feel connection, ease, and alignment within ourselves.

We begin with the process of coming back to balance. This is necessary for us to write a new life, relationship, or business into existence. Otherwise, that next business or relationship may simply be another distraction. A distraction keeping you from what you know deep down is being avoided.

This process of coming into balance and being the director of your life comes with a request. The request is to connect to the source of wisdom within you. Within you there is a subtle voice that is always there. It has always been there.

Are you aware of it?

Do you listen to it?

How do you distinguish between this one and the many tapes your mind plays?

It’s the one you listened to during some of the most challenging losses, and decisions of your life. It was the voice that offered a way forward you could trust. This source is never critical, blaming, or shaming.

It is direct and straightforward.

It says, ‘this is the way.’

Reconnect to that voice inside of you before moving into the following activity. Now that you have connected with your internal compass, you will want a notebook for this. We are moving you into greater levels of balance.

Begin an audit of your life and consider the following from the past four months:

1) What is your relationship with your emotions? And how do they currently guide the quality of your life? (The actions you take / don’t. The way you experience life as good/bad/great/blissed)

2) What do you spend most of your time thinking about? How are those cycles influencing the way you do life?

3) What is your relationship with your body? How does it feel to be in your own skin?

4) What have you been avoiding? Ending expired relationships? Unfelt grief? Speaking the truth? A seed of inspiration for your future?

And as you complete this the first time…

1) What do you notice that may be useful for you?

2) Where can you begin to bring balance back to your life, one action at a time?  (IE: Giving space to process grief from loss in your family / Speaking up where you have been hiding away)

As we begin to rebalance ourselves, we can then move into the process of writing a new story into reality for you. Reach out to me and I’m happy to help you begin or continue this process, wherever you may find yourself.

Be well,

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