Take a step away from trying to become

What vision do you hold to be the next level of you?

That image of becoming that you are consistently focused on. That image that feels urgent and necessary. That image that feels like you must gather and add to you.

When we are set on becoming other than we are, we can find ourselves lost in a never ending cycle of believing we need to keep adding.

Adding more shiny skills

Adding more worth

Adding more enough-ness

You can translate the above into titles, money, relationships, lifestyle… the list goes on.

And while there’s value in new skills and tools for our toolbox, what creates the experience of greater fulfillment, ease, balance, and connection will not be found this way. There is no mission or vision we can set out on where we will find those feelings to add to ourselves.

To feel greater fulfillment, connection and ease — look to remembering, over adding something.

1) Remembering how to offer yourself grace and understanding

2) Remembering the warmth that comes with being in integrity with yourself

3) Remembering how to connect with and meet your own needs

As you step into living this next phase and image of you — check your source of inspiration and information.

Are you trying to add more of something you can not add?

Are you listening to sources of direction about who you should be, yet not truly listening to yourself?

Find congruency within your image, and be surprised at what begins to fall into place.

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