What is it that you really need?

Oftentimes, we don’t know what we need.

We may sense something isn’t right, or is off. We may carry tension, feel frustration, or be in a state of overwhelm.

In those moments, we may think we know what we need…..

Our doctor tells us the right news

Our business grows

Our partner to validate us

We get our way

And yet, in the search for what we perceive as the right outcome, we are chasing the feeling we believe is only held within them. We are looking for safety, certainty, and connection everywhere outside of ourselves. Rarely taking the time to cultivate it within our own mind, body, and emotions.

This is how we can find ourselves in a never ending cycle of not having or being enough. A great freedom is to cultivate these feelings within ourselves, that can lead to calm, a sense of balance, and deeper connection with those around us.

It may be difficult to turn the spotlight towards ourselves. Yet, as we cultivate our own internal sense of balance, exclusive of the result, we increasingly show up as our best in all that we do.

You can begin or continue this week by spending time in quiet, taking stock of what it feels like to be in your mind and your body.


Take note.

See what you learn.

When you can begin to see the truth of how it feels to be you, new openings for change become inevitable.

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