Are you outsourcing all your answers?

There may be numerous voices (inside of you and outside) vying for the claim to be ‘the right way’ forward. With so many options and sources of experts, it can be crazy making to connect with the way that feels most aligned.

As I write this I laugh because I spent years looking to experts, thought leaders, teachers, guides, news, and the like to tell me how and what to think. I often felt that I needed them to tell me what was true and real in the world. And to tell me what to believe. All the while I’m chasing information, and expertise, I’m neglecting my own intelligence.

Each of the sources I mentioned above offer value to a degree. Yet, as with most things in life, over reliance can occur, leading to imbalance. That intelligence I was neglecting can guide me through life.

To improve my relationships

To help me navigate change

To help me experience joy

I spent a long time seeking others to tell me how to do this, without taking the time to converse with myself on it. My growth was always in the next teacher, person, idea, and so forth. I didn’t take the time to ask myself important questions and then listen for the answer.

And from the responses I received, discern which source to put stock into trusting. That answer may come by way of what you call intuition, heart, or spirit. It’s that voice that moves beyond the logical and rational, while holding it in consideration. 

It’s that voice that is unconditionally accepting of you.

It’s that voice that is clear, concise, and caring.

The voice that says..

“It’s time for a change.”

“I’m done feeling this way.”

“I’m no longer willing to silence myself.”

Today, I have an invitation for you.

Take stock of where you outsource your answers that lead your life. And begin to see if you can to connect with where you might listen more to yourself, than one of those sources.

Message me if you find yourself with a lingering question or are stuck.

Be well,


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