Me Meditating

Don’t give up on the power within you

There is a power within you that beckons you to listen.

When life feels to be falling apart, it’s the subtle voice that says everything is going to be okay.

When you are in the middle of creating something, it’s the nudge telling you you are on the right track.

When you are experiencing emotional pain, it’s the quiet calmness surrounding you.

When you step into a new challenge, it’s the light smile and knowing you got this.

These are a few expressions of that raw and peaceful power within us. A source of energy that offers a richer experience and dance with life. A life of depth, possibility, joy. and aligned service. What I’m not talking about here is the energy we experience from the next relationship, client, $$$, or trip. It’s something that is alive within us, always.

Have you heard it?

Have you felt it?

It is always there, available to you. But…if you are anything like me, you lose access to this essence. This place inside that feels more like you than any other place. 

I’ve spent years driven by parts of myself that fear the unknown, and on a near endless pursuit to prove my worth as a human being. Living from this combination of self disrespect, and distrust in the unknown, has kept me on edge. In a constant state of Go.  Certain that what I just said, released, did, was not good enough. And that the second proverbial shoe is about to drop.

Rarely feeling as if though my life is running well enough that I can relax, enjoy, and be. Nope. More to do. More to protect myself from. More to prove. No rest for the perceived wicked, as they say.  For years, these parts inside me that were afraid, had me convinced that they were all of who I am. I believed that was it. There was nothing more to me.  

There were moments in time where this essence of me was heard.  The night I attempted my life… You will not die this way. Sitting on the roof of the hospital in a wheelchair… You will not live this way. Leaving behind my corporate work… There’s a bigger challenge for you to focus on. It’s time.

And many more. 

These were key moments in my life where I was on the precipice of big change. What I needed was a clear nudge to move me out of my comfortable seat in discomfort. I required a new orientation to life and myself. What kept me separate from this essence of me for so long, was a part of me afraid to see and feel what I was avoiding. This part of me feared slowing down and looking at the pain, insecurity, and self doubt that ran me.

This fearful part of me, that was were I had stalled emotionally, feared looking at the structures of my life and seeing the flimsy foundations they were built upon. At this time, I had yet learned to trust and hear that raw potential within me, on a consistent basis. I was afraid to explore myself and the perceptions I held about who I was, and the way I fit in this world.

That voice, that essence of who I really am would speak to me and tell me….Hey Matt,

…take a look at this.

…slow down and see what’s going on here.

…you can’t keep going on this way.

These nudges had to break through the static, fog, an incessant chatter of my normal daily experience, to be heard. These clear messages were not easy to hear, at first. Over time, and still in this dance today, it has become easier to discern the source of what message I am receiving. I’ve become much clearer what place I’m coming from in any given moment.

Am I speaking from a place of hurt, or calmness?

Am I speaking from a place of judgement, or understanding?

And so on…This aspect within us that I have referred to as who we really are, is known by many names across cultures and time. Such as, The Great Teacher. The Self. And more. 

Many of us have been wrapped up in the roles we play in this life, that we have not the slightest idea who we really are beyond them. When I ask clients (and when I have asked myself) without this position (CEO, Manager, Etc), who are you? Many do not know because they have taken that to be their core identity. Many sense, already, that there is much more to who they really are, but have yet to explore it.

And that makes a lot of sense, because we have had to play many roles to create our lives to where they are. We’ve needed the roles we played to function in society. Yet, there comes a day, better yet, a calling that invites us to truly know ourselves. 

Will you answer the call?

I have seen people’s lives shift in surprising and rewarding ways as they begin this exploration. We build upon the breadcrumbs of success that brought them here.  We look at the resourcefulness, the resiliency, and the persistence that got them here.  In this we connect to what can support them as the explore parts of themselves that have long been forgotten. 

In this exploration, they begin to create a new tomorrow, from a different source of motivation. From a different seat of awareness within. As we wrap up, I invite you to pause and take moment before moving forward with your day.

Take in what I share here and ask…

Have I found my true voice?

And am I living from it?

Be well,


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