Listening Within and Where it Takes You — Podcast Conversation

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The core of walking towards and within a life that is sustaining, fulfilling, and rewarding, centers around a connection to our personal power.

Our personal power is birthed from a connection with the Leader that lives within us all.

The Leader that is always there, offering guidance. Offering insight. Offering direction and answers. When we are able to listen to and heed its voice, distinct from the others vying for our attention.

This past week I spent time in conversation with Billy and Luke talking in this arena.

Our time was weaving in and around the threads inherent to the journey of learning to listen within. The phases that naturally unfold as we begin to create and experience our lives from a different source.

And, the places it begins to take our lives as we do.

We spent time speaking to….

  • Memories of hearing that voice inviting us to know ourselves more deeply
  • The struggles with discerning what to listen to inside ourselves
  • Various ways to hear and converse with each aspect of ourselves

In my life, this voice, inner teacher, and guide, has saved my life on countless occasions. 

At multiple points my life was near collapse, and like a knife through butter, the message cut through all the incessant chatter of daily life and saved me. Supported me. Directed me. And showed me the way.

As time has went on, I have continued to hone this connection through big decisions and small, further shifting what leads and influences my life. 

To live the most aligned life, we begin by becoming aware of the guiding forces that influence us. The ways with which they do. And the hidden messages behind the fears, guilt, stress, hopelessness, and judgements. 

In this awareness, we begin to harness the innate power that each of us hold. This innate power, when heard and lived from, is kind, creative, courageous, adventurous, and at peace.

As we live from this deeper place more and more, the life we see around us shifts on its own.

This week, if you are walking with:

  • Unanswered questions,
  • Challenges forgiving yourself,
  • Missing clarity around a decision,
  • A feeling of being out of control.

Listen to our conversation as a means to discover new ways to listen to and converse with yourself. It’s in this evolving relationship with you, that your greatest life emerges.

Here’s the link to the show.

As you listen, capture notes, insights and questions that emerge.

And then, let me know:

  • What stood out to you?
  • What has that inner voice been trying to show you?
  • How are you doing with learning to trust it and lean in?

And definitely let me know what new questions this conversation created in you!

If you find that after listening it stirred up a lot in you, let me know if you would like to have a conversation. Reach out.

Be well,


Here’s the link to the show.

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