You can only ever do your best

I’ve spent many years in chase of what I have deemed the truth of my existence. Often wrapped in a thin veil to perpetuate my own sense of importance and feelings of safety, I have gotten lost.

Lost in the stories of what it means to live well. To live fully. To embrace life as a gift, rather than a torturous journey that has me on a never ending road full of pitstops of pain.

The pain I speak of is that which I have mistakenly held onto that caused me more harm than good. Though, what I have come to realize, throughout the years, we are only ever doing the best we can at the given moment.

Some may say this is not true.

And, I certainly have been part of that some. For I’ve often believed at any moment, I should be doing better than I am. Always out of reach, I live the story of never reaching the place where I feel deep in my body, that I, Matt, am okay.

And, given the life experiences I’ve had, that makes sense. Until it didn’t. Which gave way to openings showing me new ways of living, relating, and connecting.

Guided by an insatiable willingness to understand what is real, illusory, and what I am meant to live, I often stumble into these insights.

Perhaps you can relate?

Maybe as you read this, you find yourself walking with the question and sense that there has to be more to your life.

Maybe you find yourself sensing that life can feel more simple, easeful, and enjoyable. Yet, experiencing that simplicity and spaciousness is a challenge for you right now.

Maybe you find yourself feeling that to experience fullness in one area of your life, perhaps your business, means other areas of life must be ignored, or put to the side.

Whatever you are walking with right now, know that you are okay. And it’s okay. Trust that you are doing the best you can right now, given what information, insights and truth are available at this moment.

You can only ever be doing your best. Even in the moments where you sense you are not, there’s a part of you that believes it is. Honor yourself in knowing this.

And allow the willingness to continue learning, to be your guide.

Be well,


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