Me in Egypt

Stay the path

'To be lost is as legitimate a part of
your process as being found' -- Alex Ebert


Many of us seek to realize our greatest potential. We seek this to support the feeling that we have lived well, and experience a feeling of internal success along the way.


We actualize this feeling and way of being through the golden thread of learning to listen at new depths. This is not simply hearing the words of others, nor the thoughts in our head.


This path is one of getting underneath and behind the deeper meaning and motivations. Those answers within us that propel us forward, hold us back, or have us feeling stuck.


When learning to listen — we connect with, from time to time, challenging truths of our lives. To see what has been under the surface can hurt and scare us at first. Along with it can come a lot of grief and guilt. As we continue the process, our relationship to what comes up and how we experience it, changes.


We develop a healthy respect for the process of discovery and moving through all that which is limiting our deepest potential. It requires courage, patience, humility and a lot of compassion to stay in process. The rewards being bountiful for us when we do.


Wherever you find yourself on this path, keep listening.


Keep listening for the deeper answers that will guide you to living the potential you know lives within you.


Be well,


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