You are the one you have been waiting for

Once we have experienced a taste of our true capacity to live,
our lives can never be the same.

I am going to tell you a story. This is a story about a man. A man that tapped into the courage and willingness to ignite and liberate his life. This is a story that I invite you to read as if it is about you. 

Because in a way, it is about you. Like this man — You are the one with the keys and the fuel to your own life’s liberation. I am writing this on the heels of a two day session with this man. We spent our time together wandering the lands of Glacier National Park, in Montana. 


We wandered, while he wandered and wondered within himself. Sleeping under the stars. And even using the cool glacier water to support a rebirth of possibility. He had been preparing for weeks, to arrive at this moment. He had crafted his intentions. He was clear what he was working towards in his life.


Those are important and supported him as guideposts. Though, it wasn’t the most important. One could say he walked the lands of Glacier National Park scarce of resources. Sleeping under the stars out in the forest. Sleeping bag only. 


No pillow. Your backpack becoming that which supports your neck. No devices.  No access to the outside world.


Only you, me, and the land. Perhaps that is daunting for some. But this man didn’t come to this looking for comfort.


He came looking for answers. 


He came with the fuel and matches that set our lives on a course to freedom and satisfaction. This isn’t the freedom that comes from dropping everything and taking off. That’s a different kind of freedom, and has its place. No, this man was seeking to experience peace, freedom, clarity and ease within his life as it is. Ready to double down on his health, marriage and way of navigating the world.


He came ready. No matter the twist or turn we took in our time together, he persisted. Unwavering. When we are delving deeper into the truth’s of our lives, we can’t always know what is going to come up.


Secret fears that have been under the surface for years.

Hidden shame that keeps us from seeing how incredible we are.

Crippling guilt that keeps us from living the way we secretly desire.


There he was, no matter what came up, tapping into his courage. With humility he shares, ‘this isn’t easy’.  Yet, his willingness and inspiration grew as we continued on. Because something happens when we discover our own courage, and pair that with the willingness to act, speak, and take a real hard look.


We get a taste for a couple of things.


One, we begin to see how strong we are.


We see that, in truth, we have an endless amount of courage. And when we look over the course of our lives, we can see evidence to support what is emerging in our life now.


Two, as we step through that which is often avoided; fear, guilt, shame, and anger, new clarity emerges. 


Held within this clarity is the sun light of new possibilities, as if you had cleared the clouds out from in front of it. Once we begin to experience both of these within ourselves, we don’t stop there. These experiences serve as the fuel to keep going. 


Because you begin to recognize that there is so much more available to you. And what’s more, there’s much more within you than you previously realized. He and I completed our time together using the cool Glacier Lake water to mark what had evolved within him over the course of our time together.


The man that came into the forest was the same one that departed. Except, he wasn’t. What really happened was is he tapped into parts of himself that have been there all along.  It was a process of remembering. Not one of change.


Now, armed with his courage. Devoted through his willingness. And having seen what he needed to bring peace and clarity to his world, no one will stop him.


As I began writing this, I found myself in tears. I hold deep respect for how this man showed up for himself preparing for and during our time together. It is not easy to take a hard look at the truth of how we had been living, and take a stand for ourselves and future.


This man did.


You can too.


Be well,


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