What containers are supporting your evolution?

Until we become clear on what we need, and how to go about meeting those needs, life can feel flat. At best. Do you have the space to meet what you need?

Recently I spoke with a woman that inquired about how I work with people. I offered a distinction — sharing that I worked on the levels of evolution and progress. Progress equates to the new job, improved relationship, more money, more travel. It’s the trappings of life.

Evolution is about shifting your experience in life as you create these things. It’s about how you feel about yourself, others, and life as a whole as these changes happen in your life. Working on the level of evolution supports progress as a by-product. One’s not better than the other, it’s about choosing your flavor.

Though, we can find ourselves struggling to make progress, if we are ignoring our need to evolve. A point for evolution is when you find yourself convinced you should be happy, and yet, can’t find your way. One way we evolve ourselves is through the clear creation of containers that support it.

Here are a few examples. A couple examples that are more extensive. And one that may be more accessible to begin.

Example #1

A man I have been supporting for a couple of years flew in recently to spend a couple days out in nature with me. The purpose of our time together was to support him with experiencing a more satisfying life. One where he can feel more love, joy, and a sense of being alive.

Our guiding intentions were to support creating connection within himself. We were focusing on him being more clear to the messages and emotions of his heart. As we were focusing on this, we too, focused on his brilliant mind.

We wanted to create a clearer distinction between the speaking of his mind, and that of his heart. And then helping them work better together to support how he navigates his life, and leads his team. We spent two days in a container focused on this.

There were no phones. There were no other distractions. The two days were all about what he wanted to evolve within himself. Then, taking this into his life.

Example #2

Over the holiday and weekend — I stepped into a five day container for myself. With the help of my own guide, the container supported me through a major transition in my life. I’m still too fresh out of this time with myself to offer the depth that I would like.

Though, what I can offer is this. I am a seeker. I’ve been seeking my version of a satisfying life for two decades. It has been front and center for me, for as long as I can remember. My devotion has taken me from a life full of despair., to feeling more empowered, centered and connected in my life.

It has taken me through my corporate work, travels, and has taken me deep into what it is to be me. As great and meaningful as it has been, it was time to lay down old parts of my identity. Old parts of my identity that were still lost in the past, and fearful of the future.

For me to evolve into my next stage of life, I needed to let these parts of me go. To honor them. To bury them. Then to connect with the space inside of myself that exists beyond them. And so that is what I did. I set out into these five days with the purpose of putting to rest what no longer was serving my life.

I was unclear what exactly would happen. Only clear on my need to be there, and my devotion to following my instinct in the moment to guide me.

Over the course of the five days I had visceral experiences where I let go of some heavy stuff. It felt like an old identity that took up space in my thinking, and wore heavy on my body, melted away. As I am now a few days out of this container — not only do I feel younger, brighter, and lighter, others are noticing it too. They are noticing a glimmer in my eye, and a warmer smile on my face.

It feels good. And I am grateful.

Example #3

A woman I recently began supporting was feeling in a bit of a rut. Her career was in a bit of a rut. She was experiencing feelings of disappointment in her current relationship. And the debt she carried weighed heavy on her.

We began talking about the energy drains and gains in her life. She made a list of everything in her life that drains her energy. Then right beside it, a list of everything that raises her energy. What became clear was her drain list continued to grow. A range of not moving her body enough, not facing her finances, and more.

On the other side — she became clear that all the things that light her up were not given time and space in her life. She set out to shift her energy and create the feeling of being alive again. Through creating small containers for herself, she began changing her life.

As example:

Monday @7a — go for a run

Monday @8a — Sing worship music while driving to work

Monday @6p — Work with my accountant

Each has its own intention and purpose that she is clear on how it supports her life. She’s clear on what was keeping her in a holding pattern of feeling stuck and disempowered. 

When you begin to let go of that which has been carried for way too long. Or, you begin stepping into creating movement where there have been blockages, or disconnection — you create the momentum necessary to evolve yourself, and your life. 
As we do this, and our feelings shift, we begin to remember who we are. We begin to remember how capable we are. 

It becomes clear that we are meant to live satisfied lives. 

What containers do you have in your life supporting you right now?

Are there any missing?

Perhaps you need containers set up to work through a back log of things necessary to daily living. Some of those may be important. Some of them may only seem important because somewhere along the line you heard it should be. You can decide.

Perhaps you need containers set up that bring energy and movement. The woman above found the balance and growth in having something for her body, mind, and spirit/heart.

Perhaps you need something a bit more because you are carrying with you the heaviness of the past. That may be the heaviness of losing a parent, a job, your business, and is still with you. It is weighing you down, and painting a grey filter over your life.

There’s much more that you may need. From reading this, you may have become clear on something you need to create for yourself. You can create these on your own. You can also connect with coaches, guides, as well as friends to support you with it.

To get started….Identify

…what’s the purpose for having the time set aside

…what are the intentions of this time

…what needs to change 

…what’s different after this

…what amount of time you need (Then, block it)

…what support you may need to guide you through it

The last one this is an important one.

I have an invitation for you. Before reaching another for support, look within yourself. See if you can connect with the voice you might call your intuition, heart, or instinct. Listen for how it would guide you through this time. One of the most important aspects of living a full life is in coming to know your full potential.

After that, reach out to me if you want a bit of support building out your own containers.

Be well,


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