Do those teenage pants still fit?

Catchy headline, eh? 

That’s me adding some play to this.

For real though, you may enjoy this one.

I’m sitting here in the coffee shop this morning. A place that I used to frequent with regularity. Though, over the past couple of years, and definitely during my time in Sedona, had all but stopped.

My time in Sedona is winding down, and the waters of my life are beginning to shift once again. This morning, I’m enjoying the creativity that flows in this familiar space.

These past six weeks have been quite a ride. To capture the fullest expression of what I have been experiencing in one word….


The people I have been meeting and getting to know. 

The creativity that is beginning to move through.

The sheer amount of blocked energy that released.

The kind of confidence I’ve dreamt of showing itself.

If you are reading this, there’s a good chance you have been walking the path of intentional growth and change for some time.

You likely have seen that as we change, there are two consistent elements. We are consistently letting go of something and emerging into something new. 

Liken it to shedding a pair of pants that fit as a teenager. Replacing them with a new pair that fits more of who you are today. Both size and style.

We experience letting go and emergence of something in tandem with what we see in our lives. In short, it’s internal and external.

As example…

…You created a community over the years, founded on one or two initial ideas. You birthed this community through the lens of who you were at the time, and how you viewed the world. After a decade/less or more, you have changed. And now, those initial ideas need the space to evolve, so something refined may emerge.

…You held onto the idea for many years that you had to suck it up. Pull up those bootstraps. And grind your nostrils to the bone. After a few decades of living through this idea, your body and life are showing you there may be another way.

I know many reading this know what I am talking about. 

When we’ve outgrown our old pants, we can pretend that this is not the fact. We flail around the bedroom, jumping up and down trying to button them. 

“Come on. They definitely still fit. See. It only took ten minutes and a broken blood vessel in my eye to do it”. 

Clearly, nothing has changed. 

I chose to have December and January to be a time of introspection, space, and the experience of new beginnings.

Other than being present for my clients when they wanted support, I devoted my time to the new era that is ushering in for me. 

It’s a new era of experienceing the world and myself from a place that I have longed for. With those old pants tossed away, there’s a lot more space for it.

For real, I was ready for some nicer pants. My black, wide legged jeans of my teenage years were long ready to go. They worked well for me for a time, and now, they were ready to make the way of a free throw into the trash. Nothing but net.

I’m now bringing myself back online to articulate what is ready to surface from here. In the time I put aside for myself, I’ve been spending a large portion of it exploring what I have let go. What was blocking my energy, that is no longer. What was blocking my joy that is no longer. 

It has been telling to pause and look at all that has disappeared from my awareness. The old pants are like a toy a toddler puts away when they are ready for a new one. You simply know you are complete, and move on.

In the coming weeks, I will continue to explore what I have been letting go, and what is emerging in that space, and then sharing it here. 

My intention for this is simple. While we are each unique in many ways, there is a lot of overlap, through the nature of being human. 

With each iteration, I’ll bring in a lesson, insight or shift, either on the end of something I have let go that blocked my life… Or, I will focus on what is filling the space now that it’s removed. 

As I do, I’ll offer it in a way that supports your own reflection as well as actionable living of shifting your world.

The first lens of letting go I will explore and share around, will be about my relationship with my mind. This is a big area for me, and many of us… 

As we seek to live full lives, we inevitably come to face the way our mind leads us, and the way we orient ourselves to it.

For years, after coming to realize that I was not in fact my thoughts. And that not everything thought is reality, I began a long journey of belittling my mind. 

I would cricitize and judge my mind for not being perfect. For being fearful. For all the things I convinced myself was wrong with it.

I took a spiritual 2×4 to my mind to try and beat it into submission. 

The next message from me will continue our journey together from this place. 

I am clear that for the life we crave, we need to make friends with it with our brilliant minds. Regardless what anyone tells me, it has served me in beautiful ways.

For now… as we walk on this journey together…

If you are carrying a 2×4 towards your mind, try putting it down for the day. I’ll have more to share soon that may support you on your own path to the most satisfying, beautiful and impactful life.

Be well,


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