Let’s welcome home your evolution

This message has been gestating all week. 

I sat down on Thursday and wrote for two hours, and created a lengthy message. Then, decided it was missing something. Part of me sensing it was a bit too long. Most of me knowing that it was off track with the energy I wanted behind it. Not long ago I shared that this ongoing conversation is to be in support of your personal evolution.

It’s crucial to know you are not alone in your struggles, dreams, desires and hopes, as we walk this path. Though, I’m talking with you as an individual here, this is journey of we. It is my intention to tear down the walls of separation that keep us mired in this perception of aloneness. This perception of aloneness is often, also, what slows our process of change.  Imagine, for a moment that you went on a life changing trip around the world. After a year visiting a dozen countries, you came home.

As you arrive home, you are experiencing so much change within yourself. It’s palpable. You know without a doubt that you are no longer the same person that departed a year prior. Food tastes differently. You hear the birds chirping with a different tune. Your connection with people has shifted. And as you came home feeling this, let’s say there was no one to witness, listen to, or be curious about the person you became along the way. And in reality, are still becoming. This can be devastating to the change process.

Your evolution becomes stunted when the environment is not open and inviting. You evolve through interaction with your senses, environment, and internal processes. You can become less dependent upon your environment over time, to varying degrees. Though that is true, to expect that completely of yourself, is a trap. To shoot for that can be a disguise for your own fear of being vulnerable in relationship with others. 

Keep the above in mind moving forward. Because for anything that has a light/bright side, there is a dark side. When you get curious, you can see how something may be avoidance in disguise.

The reality is each of us are are relational by nature. Allowing yourself to explore this more as you evolve, can become a fun game to play with life.

And… coming back into the context of change, an open, inviting and curious connection(s) will speed up your path. It will allow you to connect to and express who you once were as you began your process. What is emerging for you. And the countless nooks and crannies of your evolution.

Whether you hire a coach. Join an aligned support group. Reach out to a close friend. Create a space for this with a fellow board member. Recruit a sibling’s support. Or follow another path, take a moment to consider who in your world can be a space for ongoing conversation. One bit of encouragement. Our marriages and partnerships touch every corner of our lives. With that in mind, choose someone further removed. It will support the process further.

As I wrap up today, we are doing a few things here

1) Reminding you that you are not alone. No matter the struggle, dream, or hopes.

2) Setting the stage for an extended walk through the ins and outs of change, over time

3) Inviting you to identify people/persons that will engage with you in your process of becoming

Leading up to next week, here’s my invitation to you.

1) Revisit/Add to/Complete last week’s reflection — What are the edges of change that I am walking right now? (View and reflect on this through the experience of internal and external change. Article HERE)

2) Identify the person(s)/group that can be a consistent place for you to share about your path of becoming. Consider how you want to approach them with the idea. Then reach out.

The invitation remains open to reach out to me if you want support with the reflection above, or to share it. And/or, you want support identifying/engaging with your support person(s). It’s always your choice what you do. In part. In whole. Not at all.

Until we meet again, celebrate yourself. Celebrate the places you are opening to experience life in magnificent ways. Celebrate the growth you have already experienced. Celebrate what you already love and enjoy about your life.

And from that energy of celebration, we keep walking.

Be well,


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