Champions, Change and Intentions…Oh, My

Last week I invited you to become clear on the change champions in your life. That person or persons who will be there to engage with you on the journey of becoming. 

This is the intentional path of who you have been, who you are becoming, and the nooks and crannies of the process.

I received a response from last week’s message.

“I booked a few lunches and even a dinner with a few of my energy boosters in my network”

I love this.

What I loved most is the clarity on what supports her energy. This game of change we are playing is energetic at its core. When our energy is supported, we are able to navigate the seas of change like a surfer balancing on their board

Zooming out to the larger context, this is a journey of a lifetime. I mean, it is your lifetime. What do you want to do with it? 

Let’s start with celebrating your existence and rock our way through the waves of change.

If you are reading this and thinking Matt’s lost it. Excellent. That means I’m getting good at not being so damn serious all the time. Adding a bit of lightness and play to serious work goes a long way.

But I digress.

It’s crucial that we experience the feeling of acceptance by someone(s) in our lives. We can create a lot of change without it. BUT, at some point, we need relationships that support us in this way, or we stagnate.

Have you identified your peeps?

If not, do you want to?

If so, have you reached out?

As this journey we are taking together is forming, I’m in an active day-dreaming process. It’s to support the emerging era opening for my life right now. Built on the foundations of the past two decades, there are a lot of fun things stirring.

This era will engage me at new levels. Birthed from a deepening connection with my mind, body, and soul. My growing connection with this trinity informs the quality and direction of my life. The energies that I am leaning into are that of play, fun, and joy.

For the past two decades, I’ve been seeking to experience all this life has to offer. Money. Travel. Work I love. Meaningful relationships. Behind these material representations in my life, what I have been seeking is my own truth.

My own truth being what enables me to live my unique, aligned, fullest life. My life is not meant to be the same as yours. Nor is yours meant to be the same as mine. 

Thank goodness for that, eh?

The truth I’ve sought and continue to connect into each day has shown me a lot. The most present right now is the knowing that I am much more than the heaviness and voices of conflict that I’ve experienced for much of my life.

My evidence? I have watched the heaviness melt away, and the voices of doubt, guilt, and shame disappear. This growing connection has guided me through the highs, lows and in-between of life. With time, intention, and consistency, I experience my life evolving in delightful ways. A long way away from the lows of depression that robbed me of my freedom. 

We humans are remarkable beyond measure. Our true capacity to shine, play, love and create is incredible. Our potential, peace and satisfaction surfaces walking an intentional path of unwinding conditioning. Led with intentions, we surface everything that stands in the way of our fullest lives.

It has been a winding, messy, rewarding and confusing road (at times), that I call my life. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything. There’s a special feeling as you go deeper into connection with your own inner wisdom. Your own inner power. Passion. Love. Fun. And satisfaction.

You have access to a creative fire that warms your belly and ignites your life. Pause in this moment and connect to a time in your life when you felt most alive. Your fiery potential was alive and supporting you then, I’m confident of it.

As the conditioning you have experienced has a chance to rewire, your life will shift. Whether you are in the middle of….

Growing your business beyond where it has been

Pouring energy into the relationship you have with yourself

Exploring new ways to experience pleasure and enjoyment

….I invite you to spend time answering the question I offered a few weeks ago.. 

What are the edges of change I am walking right now?

Do this to allow more clarity to surface and serve you. As you answer this, paint a picture of two sides.

One side is the life you are living now, and all that comes with it. The way you think, feel, and engage with your world.

The second side is the evolved life that feels to be offering you something. What’s there in this alternate context? What has shifted in your life, thinking, feeling, relationships, health, and so on….

I’ve said it once and will continue to do so.

DO NOT ignore the desires that stick around.. Your heart’s longings and desires are a real thing and are alive in you for a reason. Even if you have yet to experience something you desire, it does not mean it’s not a possible reality for you.

As we embark together, if you hear yourself say, ‘well, I don’t do that.’ Or, ‘that’s not me’. This is a good time to get curious about the narratives that are steering your life. Find what is real and true for you. And find where you may shut yourself down before the adventure begins.

To recap, here’s what we have done so far….

1) Looked at change through the lens of what is being let go, and what is emerging

2) Becoming clear on the edges of change showing up in your life

3) Identified your support people to champion you along the way

Next week, we will begin to dive into the voices and energy of resistance. It often shows up as procrastination, freezing, fighting, debating, rationalizing, avoiding, and more.

We will bring clarity to how resistance guides, limits, and informs your life. For me, I remain in a constant evolving relationship with my own experience of resistance. It allows me to see how and where I take myself out of the game of life, unnecessarily. 

To support our direction, a couple of notes about resistance. Followed by an invitation.

1) Resistance is not bad. Nor is resistance an absolute reality. It’s your personal experience of the moment that shows itself in your mind and body. A key to your peace, satisfaction and potential is to discover your own unique way of engaging with it. Understanding it. And, keep moving forward informed by it, not stopped.

2) It’s a misunderstanding that we will reach some place where no resistance exists. There is resistance to growth. We even experience resistance to staying the same. What does change is how we relate to resistance itself, so that it doesn’t stop us any longer. We ride the wave and keep on moving.

For next week, your invitation.

1) Continue with the previous steps if you have yet to complete them. Articulate the edges of change you are walking right now. Identify your support peeps.

2) Consider this question to ready you for next week…. When I look around my life, where are all the places I am resisting? (Avoiding, rationalizing, debating, fighting, freezing)

Look everywhere. Your marriage, body, finances, health, fun, parenting, self honesty, family, beliefs, emotions, patterns….

It’s not about right or wrong. It is taking an inventory of the places you experience resistance. That’s it. You may find that….

Resisting having an honest conversation with a team member.

Resisting firing a client.

Resisting speaking with your spouse about a secret desire.

Resisting your own aging.

The good news is once we start to see where we resist in one area, we can see the mirror show up as themes in the rest of our lives.

Next week we will continue our walk together.

Until then, and as always, the invitation remains open to reach out if you want support with any of this. Or even to share about what you are discovering/doing so far.

Be well,


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