Let’s talk about resistance


Today, I’m reminded that resistance shows up whenever we are reaching new levels in our lives. In my last message to you I shared that we would talk about resistance next time. Well, here we are. You. Me.

Though we are different people, we experience resistance. Where we currently are in our evolution, it’s an inevitable part of life.

For me, this rings true right now as I navigate a new way of engaging with daily life, and everything that goes with it. What I’m experiencing right now is resistance to a deeper truth that I have discovered for myself.

Through sheer will and determination, I pulled myself up and out of some of the most challenging spaces and experiences. This energy guided me through university, corporate, travels, business, and more. There was other energy often guiding me, but when I met a wall of resistance, I would bull my way through it.

For a long time, my will and determination served me well. What I’ve become clear on is how this next level of my life, it’s not will and determination that will get me where I’m going.

I share this about myself in a few sentences, but it’s been a near two process to see the reality of what was forming for me. And, to strip away everything that wanted to resist this change.

In hindsight, I’ve been discovering that it doesn’t have to take that long move across this space. Though, for the work I’m doing in the world, it was necessary experience. I found resistance rearing itself and offering me invitations every time.

Choosing to walk an intentional path of living, beckons us to befriend resistance. For as we continue to shine the flashlight of awareness on ourselves and our lives, we will find it.

Resistance hides in the nooks and crannies of each moment, when we know what to look and feel for. Resistance may be present for you when you notice in a conversation what you are not willing to say. Or, even, the resistance to not say something.

Resistance may present itself when your loved one attempts to connect with you. As they speak, you may notice yourself shutting down. Becoming defensive. Or, wanting to pull away. This may show itself in any exchange, with anyone. With yourself. In any environment.

Resistance shows itself when you know you are not caring for your body, energy, and needs. Resistance may show itself as a refusal to believe something or someone. Or, to let go of a previously held position of true vs false.

Resistance may be to seeing the humanness in someone that votes differently than you. Or, you may find yourself resisting the feeling of love, joy, appreciation.

I’m here to share now that as you and I walk this journey of change together, it’s a dynamic experience. Binary thinking of this vs that. Absolutes of fact vs fiction. Anything that doesn’t offer nuance, is a place where our curiosity will serve us.

Imagine the image of a kaleidoscope. It is a great image to correlate with any moment of the day. At any moment where life feels static, binary, stuck, that’s often a stress response. The kaleidoscope offers a representation of how many sides, angles and views one can see at a given moment.

Curiosity will be a support tool along the way from here. You are likely a curious person already. If you are reading this, I know you are. Let’s take that curiosity of yours and imagine magnifying its presence in your daily life by 10x.

Allow your magnified curiosity to begin noticing where resistance exists for you. Notice what you resist inside of yourself, and in the world around you. 

You may notice resistance in others. But, for now, we are focused on your own. As we evolve our awareness and relationship with our own resistance, it supports our way of engaging with others, and life overall.

For the next week, magnify your curiosity and let’s have some fun. Become your own favorite detective, lawyer, investigator, and truth finder.

  • Where is resistance showing itself in you and your life?
  • How is it showing itself?
  • What is it that is being resisted in each example?

Next week, we will explore creating a conscious relationship with resistance. We are here to befriend all parts of our experience to support change.

No more fighting your inner critic.

No more shaming or forcing yourself into action.

No more performing to be worthy enough.

No more denying your needs matter

(I could add to this above, but for now, you get the gist)

You and I are creating a new way.

Reach out as you feel called to share anything about your findings.

I appreciate you.

Be well,


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