Forget Marketing. Let’s go on a Journey. Together

Oh the tightrope we walk, finding our way through life.


Imagining that visual of walking a tightrope, I don’t mean it in a literal since. Though, when we look close, we are riding edges of perception that could shift our entire life in a moment.

I shared in my last email (LINK) about this written journey that is taking shape. A journey we will walk together on.

While there is much of our evolution we do on our own. There’s a special feeling when we know we are not alone in our challenges, dreams, and experiences.

Our exchange will be weaving in and through the context of change and personal evolution. As a result of being human, we are regularly walking the edge of letting something go. Old beliefs, feelings, behaviors. While creating the space for something new to emerge.

I used the example of taking off the pants you wore as a teenager. Which allows you to fit into something that works more for who you are today.

Looked at another way, and through the lens of levels, imagine being back in kindergarten. It was a necessary place and space for you to grow and evolve so that you could move onto 1st grade (next level up). Without the former, the latter would be quite challenging.

With this memory in mind, you needed to complete kindergarten first. If not, how could you have the space in your life to experience and grow through 1st grade?

In summary, whether we are talking about putting on pants that fit you better. Or, evolving through grade-school. Our previous orientation to life was necessary to open to the next.

It’s deeply important to know that inherent in those old pants are skills, abilities, and experiences that will serve what’s coming. You may read that and say, ‘I know. I know.’

Great. But do you really know?

Have you paused to consider what those are?

Have you paused to consider what you will take forward with you as you set your sight on change?

Taking a step back even further, are you clear on the real change you are attempting to grow into?

Speaking only for me, I have watched myself, countless times, be in such a hurry to change. To rush through the discomfort of pants that no longer fit, that the sense of urgency caused me to miss out on this.

Don’t get me wrong, when you are in a lot of pain, or feel numb to your life, it makes sense that we want to shift it. Yet, that doesn’t change the value inherent in being clear on what I offered above.

Perhaps you are like me, and crave to know what’s on the other side of that feeling of urgency. You may find yourself craving to know what happens when life no longer feels so damn heavy. You may be fantasizing about a life that you perceive will make you happier.


Here’s what I’m clear on as I’ve been walking with these desires guiding my life for two decades. The feeling of urgency can melt away, without your life collapsing.

The heaviness is not an experience that is permanent. It too can melt away.. On the other side exists lightness and spaciousness. From this space in ourselves, possibilities that are unique and special to us, open.

Those desires an images for a life that you feel will make you happier, don’t disregard them. Your desires are there for a reason. Your longings for something more meaningful, deep, and real, are a compass. 

Keep connecting with those.

As we walk forward together from here, I want to note a few things.

1) I will invite you to reflect on questions/experiences/exercises to support your unique path forward. In this invitation, as you are willing and interested, share your responses with me. 

When we move from being in our own heads and experience about these things, to sharing them with someone… that’s when the shifts begin to move. Share as much or as little as you like.

2) I will devote much of this writing to focus on our way of experiencing change. I will do this, often, through the lens of working with what we are letting go, and what is being embodied in its place. A natural unfolding of personal evolution.

3) My aim is to share weekly, so that our lives keep moving forward together. I’ll be posting them HERE, too.

4) If you know anyone that could enjoy and benefit taking this walk with us, please have them subscribe HERE. Depending on how this picks up, I will set up email responders so that those joining down the road know what is happening, and how to walk with us.


To ready yourself for the next release, start with this simple reflection.


What are the edges of change that I am walking right now?


Reflect on the above through the lens of internal and external change. As example, what are the inner perceptions of self, the world, and life that are coming into question. 

Or, you are ready to bring into question. Which are clashing. Which are proving to be disruptive and needing to shift.

Then, take this into your external life. Look through the lens of your money, marriage, business, health, and any other area you relate with.

Share as you would like.

Wishing you a joyful weekend and time, until we speak again next week.

Be well,


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