Matt Hogan

More about Matt Hogan… I’m a friend, a coach, a consciousness explorer, a traveler, a breath-work facilitator, and an active participant on a journey of Self mastery. By day, I support leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives of socially-minded organizations, helping them to accelerate their own internal change work so they can have even greater impact through their roles, presence, and within their lives. Through coaching, facilitating, teaching and other modalities, I create a space for you to design and live into the next level of yourself, while you tackle and make possible your next impossible.

Get to know your inner teacher. Reclaim your life.

The feeling of peace, freedom, and being fully alive you seek is not found through the results of a search engine. You may find yourself craving to satiate the feeling that something is missing within your life. You’ve done the Google searching.  You’ve read the books. You’ve hired the experts. You’ve been hiking, doing yoga, …

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